Who´s behind it?

-Timea, student of Industrial Engineering Degree and Industrial Development at the University of Zaragoza, has been commissioned to design the cards and contributor in the important decisions of the new corporate image of Bodegas Roman. You can contact her via email, Timea Denisa Merca (timea.denisa@gmail.com).

-Kris Urresti, graphic designer that has been responsible for designing the logo for the web and the social channels, colors and implementation of the corporate image.

-Patricia Perochena, web developer, responsible for the implementation of the web.

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The vineyards

The vineyards are located in the towns of Tabuenca and Bulbuente, in the Somontano of the Moncayo, at an altitude of between 550-750 meters, which is exceptional for obtaining premium garnacha grapes. They have slopes of 5 to 25% and a high superficial and internal stoniness, which characterizes this ground with an important drainage and a low water holding capacity.


The climate is peculiar, distinctive from other wine producing areas, with Atlantic influence in winter and Mediterranean in summer, whose most prominent feature is the wind from the north-west (NW), called cierzo, cold and dry. The weather conditions are unique; diurnal temperature contrast very noticeable and seasons very pronounced, with extreme temperatures. The evaporation-transpiration potential rate is high.

This characteristic and special set between the land and the climate allow the grapes to develop well balanced, with excellent health and optimum maturity.

Our grapes grow in garnacha plantation mostly, and predisposed in glass and trellis. These plantations are located in different areas of the Denomination of Origin “Campo de Borja”.

The low estates are in the middle, between 550 and 650 meters of altitude. The soils are clay-ferrous from the river terraces, in a relief of gentle slopes and good sun exposure. The wines are very complex, intense, structured and fleshy.     
The high estates of the family, whose vineyards extend from an altitude of 600-750 meters, are placed at the foothills of Moncayo. The soils of clay-ferrous terraces, gritty slopes and high stoniness, generate a very low production and very high quality grapes. The wines are fine, subtle and elegant.

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Our wine cellar has a total area of 5000m2 and is composed of the following rooms:





Reception room:

It is the room where the grapes are received. After weighing and analysing the grapes harvested, they arrive at this room where we start the necessary processes of selection, stemming, crushing and pumping, depending on the type of grape and wine characteristics that we will get, in order to send them to the fermentation room. 


Instalaciones Bodegas Román

Alcoholic fermentation room:

Bodegas Román has 3 fermentation rooms with 36 vats of concrete and stainless steel with capacities ranging from three thousand to twenty-two thousand kilos. Thanks to this wide range of possibilities, we ferment the grapes individually depending on their quality and vineyard of origin.

Barrel room:

After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine proceeds naturally to the second fermentation, called malolactic fermentation, in the barrels, where the wine begins the barrel aging which may range between 7 and 18 months depending on his category.


bodega barricas para envio

Once this second fermentation ends, we proceed to the racking off the wine(decanting) by gravity, process that consists in moving the wine from th

e barrel that it has occupied to other barrel empty. Through this important work the impurities precipitated during the wine aging are removed and the wine is oxygenated.



The winery has a production level of approximately 120000 bottles a year depending on the vintage and the selection of the vineyards.



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Where we are?


We are Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00h to 13.00h. We open by reservation, contact us to arrange a visit.


You can contact us by telephoine:

Tel: (+34)976852936

Mob: (+34)675087508        

Or using the contact form

We are located in Bulbuente (Zaragoza), just 15 km from the Moncayo mountain and the Monasterio de Veruela.

Very closet o Tarazona and Borja.

Bodegas Román

Zaragoza-Soria Road

Bulbuente, Zaragoza

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Carretera Zaragoza Soria

BULBUENTE, Zaragoza’|tooltip=’Bodegas Roman Bulbuente’|marker=’1’|align=’center’}

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Denomination of Origin “Campo de Borja”

The Empire of Garnacha

logo campo de borja

The Empire of Garnacha

With 5000 hectares of Garnacha, the Denomination of Origin “Campo de Borja” is also known as the “Empire of Garnacha”.

The DO Campo de Borja has a great wine tradition, with the oldest vineyards dated back to 1145. And about 2000 ha of the 5000 ha of Garnacha vineyards are between 30 and 50 years old.

The wines produced by the DO Campo de Borja are highly valued by enologists due to the intensity, structural complexity and aromatic that they have.

In the DO wines are produced at altitudes of 350-700 meters. This diversity of microclimates and soils enhance the shades of the “garnachas” of our land.

The high areas of the DO, whose vineyards extend from an altitude of 550-700 meters, are placed at the foothills of the Moncayo mountain. These vineyards are located in the high areas of Ainzón and Fuendejalón, and in the towns of Tabuenca, El Buste and Vera. Their wines are fine, subtle and elegant.

More information:

Web D.O Campo de Borja –  El Imperio de la Garnacha.

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