bodegas roman generacion

Bodegas Román was born as a result of Roman Family illusion and his passion for oenology, agriculture and job well done.
In the beginning the Roman Family began producing wines in a self-taught manner, from his passion for agriculture and oenology.  

With the passage of time our elaboration processes were improved to select the best quality grapes and produce our distinctive wines.
Bodegas Román wines are made with selected grapes from the best vineyards owned by the family and located on the foothills of the Moncayo mountain, specifically in the municipalities of Tabuenca and Bulbuente.

With hard work, dedication and passion for the craft Bodegas Román obtains an excellent quality wine, principally garnacha wine from its old vineyards.

Our winery located in Bulbuente, is a family, artisan and young wine cellar, and is situated in the “Campo de Borja” Denomination of Origin, recognized all over the world.

This area, thanks to the garnacha devotion, ancestral tradition in winemaking and the culture associated with wine production, is known as the “Empire of Garnacha”.  

In Bodegas Román it is our intention to make an honest, artesian and high quality wine, which reflects the knowledge and expertise of many centuries of winemaking tradition in the area.

It is this hope we wish to convey in every bottle.