vino tinto

Senda de Hoyas Red

This wine is obtained from the vineyards that we have in the towns of Bulbuente and Tabuenca. A mature, elegant, subtle, round and especially nice wine.

The grape for this wine come from vineyards between 15-30 years old, located in the foothhills of the Moncayo, refreshed and well aerated by its characteristic wind called “cierzo”, so hated and precious at the same time. Altitud between 400-600 meters.



The harvest is done in drawers of 500kg at different times, due to the different altitudes of the vineyards, and always with the optimum maturity.

The alcoholic fermentation occurs in vats at controlled temperature between 25-28 °C.

The free run wine drained off is removed from the press wine.

We let it stand until the malolactic fermentation ends, and then the coupages of the varieties are made.

We decide its bottling with tasting notes.


After a careful process of elaboration we obtain a young, round and balanced wine, with intense aromas and a long and pleasant taste.

Fact sheet

-Soil: Clays, marls and sandstones soils. Slopes between 5-10%.

-Varieties: 80% Garnacha, 20% Syrah

-Climatology: temperate climate, temperate and cold nights, moderate drought.

-Serving temperature: 16-18 º C.


Extra information is available exclusively to distributors

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